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Medicare Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are private plans that administers Medicare benefits and are offered by a private insurance company. An HMO gives you access to certain doctors and hospitals within its network. A network is made up of providers that have agreed to lower their rates for plan members and also meet quality standards. Like all Medicare Advantage Plans , HMOs must provide the same benefits as Original Medicare, but do so with different rules. These plans contain extra benefits like dental, eyeglasses or a gymnasium membership.

Some other key points about HMOs:

  • Most plans have a $ 0 monthly premium
  • Maximum out of pocket are lower than PPO’s
  • Primary Care Physicians (PCP) is needed.
  • Referrals are needed to visit any specialist or hospital
  • Emergency and Urgent care benefits anywhere in the world
  • Not allowed to use out-of-network providers unless in an emergency
  • Part D plans are usually included.
  • Lower copayments, and Deductibles then PPOs
  • Additional benefits, such as dental, vision and hearing care.

The key questions to ask before choosing HMO:

  • Are my doctors in the network?
  • Do I have doctors in other states or counties?
  • I am in a budget?
  • Do I need the extra benefits?

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