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Insurance and other investment vehicles have changed in the last 20 years. These changes have given the consumer the opportunity to potentially generate larger amounts of returns with the safety they deserve, all while staying in control of their own money.


With 100’s of insurance companies and 1000’s of different products could be confusing.  New insurance innovations and product enrichments have giving you the client too many choices.

Life insurance is not like it used to be before.  The new innovated life insurance policies do much more than pay at the time of death.  Not only can they accumulate a large sum of money to help you supplement your retirement but you can also contain living benefits like: Chronic, terminally, or critical illness are accessible in time of need.  

Not one insurance type fits everybody. 

  • Term with living benefits
  • Return of Premium (ROP)
  • Whole life
  • Universal Life
  • Index Universal Life (IUL)
  • Final Expense

Here are 10 facts and statistics about life insurance that.

  1. 70% of Americans are interested in buying life insurance that doesn’t require a medical exam. This kind of life insurance is called “simplified underwriting“.
  2. Life insurance today is used as a savings and retirement tool because of tax free withdrawals.
  3. Old policies are being converted by new innovated life policies. People are living longer and insurance is getting cheaper.
  4. 80% of consumers think life insurance is more expensive than it actually is.
  5. Most Americans don’t have enough Life Insurance.
  6. The life insurance industry has been growing steadily for the last 11 years. More affordable, more marketing and more awareness.
  7. More than life Insurance. Most policies now have living benefits. Money you can access before you die.
  8. Almost 1 in 3 purchased or attempted to purchase life insurance online.
  9. 18% of life insurance customers have both term and permanent insurance policies
  10. An average funeral costs between $7000 and $10,000

Fact almost everyone should have life insurance or need more insurance.  Insurance is affordable, and in most cases no blood work is needed.  Insurance is now used as a retirement tool with no tax implications.

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